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About us

Samriddhi (समृद्धि), a word which means prosperity in English, is proposed for this Trust.

We strive to achieve a balance between economic, environmental, and social imperatives.


This will be a platform for members to come together and work for the welfare and prosperity of all. Through our social initiatives, we attempt to fund and support socially beneficial projects with sustainability as a guiding principle, prioritizing issues of foremost concern and reaching a broad spectrum of beneficiaries with a view to empowering economically and socially backward communities.


Together, we will get the future we want for our people, society, and planet.


Samriddhi Trust is committed to powering human progress through five social strategies called (S.E.V.A.K.).


We commit to supporting the long-term growth of our communities through strategic investments.

We will focus on these five segments through our social initiatives:


S     सेवा (Seva – Volunteering)

E     बुजुर्ग सशक्तिकरण (Elderly Empowerment)

V     वसुंधरा (Vasundhara – Environment)

A    आरोग्य (Arogya – Health)

K     कौशल्य (Kausalya - Skill Development)


Legal & Financial Information

  • Samriddhi Trust is registered as a Trust u/s Indian Trusts Act of 1882. (Reg. No. 5185, dtd. August 28, 2023), with the Sub Registrar, Faridabad - Haryana.

  • Samriddhi Trust is registered with NGO Darpan (NITI Aayog  with registration number HR/2023/0364251

  • Bank Account Number 50200089629892 Name Samriddhi Trust IFSC Code HDFC0008174

  • Our Banking Partner : HDFC Bank

  • PAN Number is ABHTS6912K (PAN Card)

  • 80-G Certificate , 80-G Registration No. : ABHTS6912KF20241

  • 12-A Certificate, Registration No.: ABHTS6912KE20231

  • Contributions to Samriddhi Trust have been notified for 50% deduction from taxable income under section 80G of Income tax Act of India, 1961

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